This is the story of the historic fish huts or shacks off Pine island, Florida. In the early 1900's there were two types of fish shacks built in the waters around Pine island, Florida. There were ice huts, where fishermen would drop off their catch to be stored until the run boats from the fish company could pick up the fish. And, there were fish cabins, where fishermen could live for extended periods of time while out on the water. This would save them from having to row or sail back & forth to home each day. These huts did not have electricity, plumbing, or TV. But, they offered a place to sleep each night and shelter from storms. Water was collected from rain gutters mounted on the buildings for drinking and cleaning. Fishermen would take their fresh caught fish daily to one of the ice houses. The caretaker would haul the fish up into the building in a bucket so the fish could be weighed. The fishermen were given a receipt for the catch that they could redeem at the fish company's store at a later time for payment. Today these fish huts offer us a unique window into the past.

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