There was a brief moment in time under the Obama presidency in 2017 when Americans could travel relatively easily to Cuba.  A U.S. traveler could hop a plane from Atlanta and arrive in Havana only having to pay for a visa at the Delta gate and say he was going “in support of the Cuban people.” Due to the almost 60-year embargo between the two countries I grabbed my camera and was off.  I had heard of the falling down Spanish architecture and best of all I knew of the famous dilapidated American cars with their timeless designs that still roam old Havana.

Cuba remains one of the few countries stuck in a time warp where little has changed since the overthrow of Batista and the revolutionary rule by the Castro brothers.  I knew that the situation in Cuba could change at any time and Cuba could soon become an American wasteland of malls, fast food joints and strip shopping centers.  By ingenuity and resourcefulness, the Cubans have managed to keep the dream cars of the American automotive industry’s pinnacle design years tooling around old Havana.  Since you can’t rent a car in Havana, taxis are the de rigueur mode of transportation.

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